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Brittney Clark

Britney Clark Broussard LA
Britney Clark Broussard LA
Britney Clark Broussard LA

Brittney C. Clark was born and raised in Lafayette, LA. She is an only child and always dreamed about growing up and getting a great job that would one day support her family. Growing up, Brittney attended a small elementary school right outside of Lafayette in Broussard, LA called St. Cecilia School. Here she learned the foundation of knowledge that would bring her to become such a successful and intelligent young woman.

She then moved on to attend Teurlings Catholic High School. During high school, she excelled in her studies and graduated in the top 5% of her class. Brittney, also, worked part-time after school for Cardon Sales Company, which is where she began her journey of employment. Starting at the bottom from cleaning the office, she eventually worked her way up learning more and more as the years progressed. 

The next page in her life was always a given for her, college. She attended the local university, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, majoring in Business Administration. She received her Bachelors of Business in only 3 ½ years. During, her academic journey she was fortunate enough to study in Florence, Italy. Going from a midsize town all the way across the ocean was a big change, but it opened her eyes to see how differently other people live. After graduation, Brittney continued her job at Cardon Sales Company, where she has been there since for the last 18 years. She currently works full time out of the Broussard, LA location. Brittney handles Inside Sales, AP/AR, IT, HR, Marketing and anything that may need to be done.

Brittney has also been a member of the Lafayette Desk and Derrick Club since 2016. The club allows her to take advantage of a number of learning experiences as well as network with many business professionals all over the country in the oil and gas industry.

On her off time, she enjoys relaxing with her husband Ted and her two beautiful daughters Harper and Presley. Brittney also loves to bake cakes, craft, and do lots of antique and flea market shopping.

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