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status flow products

PPC’s Status Flow Product Line includes both gas charged and maintenance free cartridge style pulsation control.  We achieve the highest level of excellence using strict quality controls and inspecting each and every cartridge.

that is hand manufactured

and completely tested before it leaves our facility. They are still build them one at a time.

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Sizing Requirements

The following information will be needed to size cartridges:

  • Pump stroke length

  • Pump connection sizes and types (threaded or flanged)

  • Suction and discharge pressures

  • Fluid type and temperature

Note: PPC Warrants Status Flow cartridges in proper storage for 1 year from purchase. The following conditions are required to maintain the operating performance and warranty:

  • Store in a cool and dry environment where temperatures do not exceed 100F. (37.7C)

  • Avoid damage from UV exposure by storing the cartridge within its shipping carton or place within a facility protected from sunlight.

Fully interchangeable Coorstek replacement.

PPC Performance Pulsation Control Status Flow Pulsation Units
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