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Cardon Sales Company, LLC was founded in 1995 by Bruce Cardon. With over 45 years of experience in the manufacturer's representative business, Cardon Sales Company brings a value-added service to both its customers and the manufacturers it represents. Our company’s expertise has developed around serving the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Utility, and Petrochemical Industries.

Cardon Sales has established itself as a leader in the manufactures’ representative business in the territories of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and the Alabama Gulf Coast. Our main sales office and warehouse in the “Heart of Cajun Country” Broussard, LA. We also maintain a sales office in Houston, TX and a sales office & warehouse in Kilgore, TX.
With the core business relationships we have established and the network of distributors that we have developed through the years Cardon Sales is genuinely thankful to its customers and manufacturers for its success.

Cardon Sales is excited to announce that we are actively pursuing a global expansion, continuously striving to broaden our horizons. With a track record of success and a steadfast dedication to representing top-tier manufacturers with excellence, we are committed to extending our footprint on the global stage. Our vision is to firmly establish our presence in worldwide markets, pushing the boundaries and connecting with a diverse array of customers. Through strategic partnerships and a strong emphasis on innovation, we are resolute in our mission to overcome geographical constraints and ensure that our outstanding products and services are accessible to a global audience. As we embark on this thrilling journey of expansion, we eagerly anticipate forming new partnerships, nurturing growth, and leaving a lasting mark in the global marketplace.

Furthermore, none of this could be possible without acknowledging our number one asset, our staff. Our customer sales staff is equipped to answer all your questions and provide professional service you can count on day in and day out.


Bruce Cardon, Owner and Managing Member of Cardon Sales Company , LLC

Bruce Cardon

CEO/Managing Member

Managing Member

Location: Broussard, LA

Brennan Broussard , Vice President of Operations
Location: Broussard, LA

BrennAn Broussard

Vice President of Operations

Location: Broussard, LA

Heidi Richard Executive , Location: Broussard, LA


Executive Assistant

Location: Broussard, LA


courtney Simar

Outside Sales Representative

Region: Houston

Location: Broussard, LA

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Seth Bivins.jpg

Seth Bivins

Warehouse/Sales Associate

Location: Broussard, LA


Brittney Clark


Location: Broussard, LA


TEd Clark

Corporate Sales Manager

Region: All

Location: Broussard, LA

Jeff Broussard.jpg

Jeff Broussard

Distribution/Quality Assurance Coordinator

Location: Broussard, LA

Jessie Harris Blue Shirt.jpg

jessie Harris

Outside Sales Representative

Region: East Texas


Location: Kilgore, TX

Jeri Ann Landers, Inside Sales , Location: Kilgore TX

Jeri ANn Landers

Inside Sales 

Location: Kilgore, TX

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