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    CSC GAUGE GLASS ASSEMBLIES WHAT IS csc gAUGE gLASS aSSEMBLY? Gauge glass assemblies are used to monitor fluid levels in chemical, petrochemical, and processing applications. These assemblies with gauge cocks help to isolate the gauge chamber from t he liquid contents of the vessel. T he aluminum gauge glass gua rd helps protect the gauge glass from damage. ​ Knowing the liquid level of boilers, mixing vats, reservoirs and other vessels is important to ensure effective operation. Cardon Sales Company, LLC provides a wide array of tubular liquid level water assemblies that allow you to effectively monitor the liquid level of any vessel. With an array of different configurations & features, you can easily find the right gauge for your needs. ​ The liquid level water gauges may be used to outfit new equipment, make repairs, or make the equipment that you have easier to read and use. ​ ​

  • Jeri Ann Landers | Cardon Sales Company

    Jeri Ann Landers I nside Sales Jeri Ann Landers was born and raised in Kilgore, Texas. She is the proud mom of 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. She has a love of photography, painting and spending time with family and friends. After years of working in a family owned business she moved into a job with Richart Distributors six years ago. She is proud to be able to continue this career with the Cardon Sales family. Email:

  • Series 4400 | Cardon Sales Company

    Centrifugal Pump Components 4400 Series Injector Our 4400 Series is an electric driven injector that can utilize any of our four plunger sizes or any of the three gear ratios with either a single head or up to eight heads for a combination of pressure and volume requirements. The pump volume can be changed with a simple turn of a micrometer knob from 0-100% of capacity. Discharge pressures up to 5000 psi, available as well as corrosion resistant trim. Learn More

  • Multiuse Sanitizer | Cardon Sales Company

    REQUEST A QUOTE CSC Multiuse Sanitizer is an alcohol based disinfectant . ​ Great for the following uses: Hands Door Knobs Tabletops Electronnics Lightswitches Remote Controls and MANY MORE ​ ​ Safe on individuals 2 months and older. 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Call for Special Pricing Don’t Miss Out. Book It Now SIZES OFFERED: CSC-02-PS 2oz Personal Spray (Case: 36 Bottles) CSC-32-PS 32oz Bottle (Case: 12 Bottles) CSC-1G-PS 1 Gallon Jug (Case: 6 Jugs)

  • Cardon Sales Company Online Store

    Multiuse Sanitizer Multiuse Sanitizer Medical Grade Surgical Masks Medical Grade Surgical Masks Featured Products CSC-02-PS CSC-02-PS $2.95 CSC-32-PS CSC-32-PS $15.50 CSC-1G-PS CSC-1G-PS $27.75 My Account Track Orders Shopping Bag Display prices in: USD

  • Sanissential | Cardon Sales Company

    Unique in design and functionality The SANISSENTIAL is an Industrial Sanitation Station that is built TOUGH Made in the USA Manufactured to stand up under the most challenging of conditions: High traffic Extreme weather Temperature Saltwater Durable, freestanding ​ Weighted base keeps stand in place. Can be anchored to floor or wall, Delivers set amount of product each time. Locking storage compartment that holds 2 gallons of liquid or gel. 1 gallon active & 1 gallon in reserve. REQUEST A QUOTE LEARN MORE DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Full size (49” tall) or Jr. (39” tall) ​ Width: 8-in Depth: 8.218-in Base: 24-in x 24-in ​ Weight: 60 lbs (w/o sanitizer) 80 lbs (w/ sanitizer) ​ Call for Special Pricing Don’t Miss Out. Book It Now STYLES Base: Square or Coner Pedal: Standard or Wheel Chair Compatible ( ADA Compliant) ​ MATERIAL SAE 316L Stainless Steel

  • CSC Simple Sorb | Cardon Sales Company

    CSC SIMPLE SORB WHAT IS SIMPLE SORB? • Premium Absorbent made of Cellulose Carbon Fibers manufactured using 100% recycled materials • Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable • Light Weight, Floatable on Surface Water • Absorbs 25 times its own weight in hydrocarbon based products • Can be incinerated for easy disposal in accordance with local, state and federal regulations learn more APPLICATIONS: ​ Oil and Gas Hydrocarbon Spills Process Industries Ports Paper Mill etc... CLICK HERE FOR MSDS

  • Heidi Richard | Cardon Sales Company

    Heidi Richard Executive Assistant

  • Series 4500 | Cardon Sales Company

    Centrifugal Pump Components 4500 Series Injector The Flomore® 4500 Series Injector features 3/4” or 1” plungers and can be built in multi headed configurations. These electric driven injectors can handle pressures up to 300 lbs. With volumes up to 1300 GPD. Plungers material 17-8 with Armaloy surface coating. Learn More

  • FLOWGUARD | Cardon Sales Company

    Pulsation Equipment Distribution partner for Flowguard Ltd. Pulsation Dampers. Flowguard Ltd., a U.K. manufacturer, was established in 1980 and is devoted entirely to the design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for dealing with pulsation, pressure surges and thermal expansion in pipelines. They specialize in identifying problems in a wide variety of industries and finding cost effective, technically viable solutions which are often custom designed and fabricated. Flowguard Ltd. has quickly grown to become a preferred vendor to the oil and gas industries, most notably for subsea chemical injection applications. Request a Quote

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