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  • STREAMFLO | Cardon Sales Company

    Stream-Flo is committed to provide premium quality products and technical services on a timely and best value basis for the benefit of our customers and employees. Stream-Flo wellheads, gate valves, check valves, and valve automation and control are proven around the world in the most demanding operating environments. CLICK HERE FOR OVERVIEW CROWN SWING CHECK VALVES -Full bore for passage of pigs -Simple, dependable design -Butt weld, raised face and RTJ ends -Wide range of options and accessories CROWN PISTON CHECK VALVES -Axial flow -Raised face and RTJ ends -Simple, dependable design -Available for vertical flow-up or down service CROWN WAFER NOZZLE CHECKS -Non-slam -Axial flow -Low pressure drop -Space-saving design -Available for vertical flow-up or down service SUBSEA CHECK VALVES -ROV interfaces -Lock open levers -Worm gear operators -Various gland designs CROWN PIGGING TEES -Available in alloy steel for flanged, weld end & threaded end connections for sizes 2”, 3” & 4” -Ductile iron tees in threaded end connections available in sizes 2” & 3” -Working pressure is up to 2000 psi in either right angle or inline designs -Flange connections are stocked in Schedule 40 but are also available in Schedule 80 Ball Valves Trunnion Ball Valves Flanged Floating Ball Valves Threaded/Socketweld Ball vlaves CROWN WAFER CHECKS -Economical -Space-saving design -Suitable for vertical flow-up service -Clapper opens in downstream piping ACTUATED CHECK VALVES -Lock open levers -Worm gear operators -Handwheel extensions -Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators CROWN-EURPOA CHECK VALVES -Non-slam -Axial flow -Low maintenance costs -Provides energy savings due to low -pressure drops -Sizes up to 60” available Click Here for Condensed Catalog

  • TRIANGLE PUMP COMPONENTS | Cardon Sales Company

    pump expendables CLICK HERE FOR OVERVIEW Cardon Sales Company, LLC provides Reciprocating Pump Expendable products for severe-duty environments. By using advanced materials our products are able to withstand harsh conditions & perform optimally. Fully interchangeable Coorstek replacement. These heavy-duty components & assemblies include: Plungers Ceramic Plungers – work exceptionally well in saltwater, chemical, and metering applications Coated Plungers & Extension Rods – Available in base materials of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, hard-coated plungers give an excellent combination of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Chrome Oxide Plungers – Recommended for use when pumping amine, glycol, or other fluids requiring restricted lubrication. Tungsten Carbide Plungers – Ideal for situations in which wear is the primary concern and chemical corrosion is a lesser factor. Valves & Valve Components Abrasion-Resistant Valves Wing-Guided Valves Stem-Guided Plate Valves Spherical Valve Seats Valve Plates Valve Springs Fasteners Miscellaneous Valves Plunger Packing Rope Packing, Non-Adjustable Pac king, Adjustable Packing PUMP MODELS INCLUDE: Ajax, Aplex (Continental Emsco), Bethlehem, FMC, Gardner Denver, Gaso, Ingersol Rand, Kerr, Kobb (Trico), National Oilwell, Union, Wheatley, and many more...... CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Cardon Sales Company, LLC | Broussard, LA | Manufacturers' Rep. | Distributor

    Cardon Sales Company, LLC is a Manufacturers' Representative for a variety of oil and gas and industrial supplies. We take pride in our knowledge, experience, and customer service. Learn More misson statement Cardon Sales Company LLC., strives to provide unparalleled around the clock customer service as well as offering expert knowledge and dependable guaranteed products. Along with increasing the brand recognition of our quality manufacturers, we promote strong customer based relationships that allows us to be set apart from others in our industry. Lastly, we maintain a strong honesty and integrity policy that supports admirable ethical behavior. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT LEARN MORE LEARN MORE REQUEST A QUOTE

  • FLOMORE | Cardon Sales Company

    Richart Distributors, Inc. was founded in 1964 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Since 1964, the company has been a vital distributor of quality made products, service, and customer satisfaction. In 1990 Richart Distributors, Inc. decided to form their very own line of Flomore products. The Flomore product line is an innovative and ground breaking line of chemical injectors, valves and accessories. ​ For more information on the Flomore (Richart Distributors) products offered by Cardon Sales Company, LLC please find the Cardon Sales Company Location Near You . Chemical injection pump s drum gauges gauge glass accessories VALVES PRODUCT SUMMARY CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • CONTACT | Cardon Sales Company

    mANUFACTURER'S REPRESENTATIVE DISTRIBUTOR • wAREHOUSING Contact us WE' RE AVAILABLE 24/7/365 BROUSSARD, LA CORPORATE & INTERNATIONAL SALES OFFICE & WAREHOUSE GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS 213 Cummings Road Broussard, LA 70518 PH:(337)839-1704 FAX:(337)839-1706 Contacts: Bruce A. Cardon-CEO/Managing Member Brittney Clark- President Brennan Broussard- VP of Operations Ted Clark- Corporate Sales Manager A ll Regions Heidi Richard- Executive Assistant Courtney Simar- Outside Sales Representative Houston Regio n Jeff Broussard- Quality Assurance Coordinator Seth Bivins- Warehouse/Sales Associate ​ HOUSTON, TX SALES OFFICE HOUSTON REGION 5757 Addicks Satsuma Rd Houston, TX 77084 PH:(713) 870-8765 Fax:(337) 839-1706 Contacts: Bruce Cardon- Corporate & International Sales Director Cell: 337-280-3157 ​ Ted Clark- Corporate Sales Manager ​ Courtney Simar- Outside Sales Representative Houston Regio n KILGORE, TX SALES OFFICE & WAREHOUSE NORTH TEXAS, ARKANSAS, NORTH LOUISIANA 820 South Commerce Street Kilgore, TX 75662 PH:(903)984-3070 Fax:(903)984-7901 Contacts: Ted Clark- Corporate Sales Manager Jessie Harris- Outside Sales Representative East Texas Regio n Jerri Ann Landers- Office Manager/Inside Sales ​ Get in touch... WE’RE AVAILABLE 24/7/365 First name Last name Email Phone Message Submit

  • Series 4400 | Cardon Sales Company

    Centrifugal Pump Components 4400 Series Injector Our 4400 Series is an electric driven injector that can utilize any of our four plunger sizes or any of the three gear ratios with either a single head or up to eight heads for a combination of pressure and volume requirements. The pump volume can be changed with a simple turn of a micrometer knob from 0-100% of capacity. Discharge pressures up to 5000 psi, available as well as corrosion resistant trim. Learn More

  • Series 6200 | Cardon Sales Company

    Centrifugal Pump Components 6200 Series Injector The 6200 Series pump consists of a series of basic pump options all developed from a modular power unit. All units are pneumatically driven positive displacement, single or double acting, reciprocation pumps. Learn More

  • Jeri Ann Landers | Cardon Sales Company

    Jeri Ann Landers I nside Sales Jeri Ann Landers was born and raised in Kilgore, Texas. She is the proud mom of 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. She has a love of photography, painting and spending time with family and friends. After years of working in a family owned business she moved into a job with Richart Distributors six years ago. She is proud to be able to continue this career with the Cardon Sales family. Email:

  • WENCO ENERGY | Cardon Sales Company

    fIRE BOX FLAME ARRESTED g BURNERS: "O" Style & Box Style Wenco ‘O’ Style Flame Arrested Burners (FAB’s) are used in lower BTU ratings, generally .05 MM BTU to 3.5 MM BTU. Wenco Box Style Flame Arrested Burners (FAB’s) are used in higher BTU ratings, generally 2.5 MM BTU to 10.0 MM BTU applications. Construction for both styles is from Aluminum Sheet with Aluminum Elements. Fire Box Flame Arrested Burners provide the heat source for Oil & Gas Production Equipment such as Heater-Treaters, Line and Tank Heaters and Glycol Dehydration Units. The BTU rating of the vessel typically determines the size of the Fire Box Flame Arrested Burner. ​ ​ Flame arrestors and Burner parts END of LINE FLAME Arrester WENCO Series 7500 Industrial Flame Arresters are designed to be installed in vertical, end-of-line applications. these units allow for vapors to be vented to the atmosphere while providing protection from outside ignition sources that otherwise would ignite the flammable gases on the protected side of the Flame Arrester. Units are constructed using a non-welded crimped metal ribbon element offering protection & maximum flow f or both group "D" and group "C" gases. This series can be fabricated from Aluminum, Carbon Steel, or Stainless Steel with an Aluminum or Stainless Steel Element. Sizes range from 1" to 12" Fanged connection. inline Threaded FLAME ARRESTer: WENCO S eries 7000 Industrial Flame Arresters are engineered to stop flame Propagations, helping protect downstream equipment and processes. The unique non-welded and cleanable element utilizes an industry standard crimped metal ribbon allowing for maximum flow and protection. Units are bi-directional and may be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position for either group "D" or group "C" gases. They can be fabricated from Aluminum, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with Aluminum or Stainless Steel Element. Sizes range from 1" to 12" connections, API flanged for either concentric or eccentric design. ​ inline Flanged FLAM E ARRESTer: WENCO Series 700 Inline Flash Arresters are economically engineered for small piping installations up to 6- inch with threaded connections. these units are designed with a unique non-welded element housing that can easily be replaced or cleaned and use an industry standard spiral wound crimped metal ribbon. these units are b-directional and can be easily installed vertically or horizontally for group "d" or group "C" gases. Standard construction is Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with either Aluminum or Stainless Steel Elements. These units range in size from 1/4" threaded to 6" Threaded connections. ​ Burn er Parts: Fuel Gas Safety Valve: WENCO FGSV' s (Fuel Gas Safety Valves) are used to connect and control the fuel source to the Fire Box Flame Arrester on a gas fired vessel (usually with a drip pot, that fills with fluid which in turn lefts the float assembly to shut off the fuel gas flow to the Fire Box Flame Arrester. Generally, this works in conjunction with a production cycle to move product from the ground to storage points for collection. Pilot Assembly : ​ WENCO Series 1000 Pilot Assembly is designed to provide stable, accurate air/gas mixture to the Pilot Burner tip under varying atmospheric conditions. This Pilot may be operated as a low atmospheric burner (4" w.c to 1 psig) or as a high atmospheric burner (1 psig to 25 psig). Pilots can be purchased as complete assemblies or as individual parts. ​ ​ Atmospheric Fuel Air Mixer & Burner Nozzles Main gas burners are designed to provide stable, accurate air/gal mixtures to the main burner tip (nozzle) under varying atmospheric operating conditions. In the oilfield sector these units operate on from 1 psig to 25 psig depending on the fuel source available. The units are offered with connection sizes from 3/4 inches to 5 inches. LEARN MORE

  • Series 3400 | Cardon Sales Company

    Centrifugal Pump Components 3400 Series Injector The Flomore® 3400 Series is electric-driven and can have 1 to 4 heads run by a single motor and gear reducer (30 SPM or 60 SPM). This injector is available in 5 different plunger sizes that will pump between 18 GPD and 580 GPD, from 500 PSI up to 7500 PSI. The 3400 Series comes standard with stainless steel heads with ductile iron available on request. Learn More


    CSC GAUGE GLASS ASSEMBLIES WHAT IS csc gAUGE gLASS aSSEMBLY? Gauge glass assemblies are used to monitor fluid levels in chemical, petrochemical, and processing applications. These assemblies with gauge cocks help to isolate the gauge chamber from t he liquid contents of the vessel. T he aluminum gauge glass gua rd helps protect the gauge glass from damage. ​ Knowing the liquid level of boilers, mixing vats, reservoirs and other vessels is important to ensure effective operation. Cardon Sales Company, LLC provides a wide array of tubular liquid level water assemblies that allow you to effectively monitor the liquid level of any vessel. With an array of different configurations & features, you can easily find the right gauge for your needs. ​ The liquid level water gauges may be used to outfit new equipment, make repairs, or make the equipment that you have easier to read and use. ​ ​

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